Scholarships available to work in the Brasch Group

If you are interested to work in the Brasch Group, there are numerous scholarships available, which could make this possible for you. Most importantly, you should contact Dr. Brasch ( or +64 (0)9 921 9373) early on so that we can explore various options.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

Excellent undergraduate students are always welcome. Some more information is on our Open Positions page.

Opportunities for Graduate Research

Excellent graduate students are always welcome. The AUT Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship is available to both domestic and international applicants, and covers both tuition and living expenses. This scholarship is highly competitive, with successful applicants typically having an average grade of “A” or above. Domestic students can apply in April or October, whereas international students can apply in October only. Further details are available on the AUT website.

Information on other scholarships for graduate studies in New Zealand is available on the New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Website.

This includes:

Fulbright Scholarships are available for US students.

Germans can apply for funding from DAAD.